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Online stock trading platforms are popular with experienced investors and beginners. Start investing in the stock market today with our comparison of brokers and online trading platforms and benefit from lower brokerage fees than traditional banks.

Last updated July 2024
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Why invest in the stock market online?

Investing in the stock market is one way to make your savings grow. The main advantage is obviously to generate a higher return on your investment compared to traditional savings products. Indeed, the traditional financial products offered by traditional banks and financial institutions do not always offer remuneration that goes beyond inflation or do not systematically offer a wide range of financial products.

Thanks to stockbrokers and online trading platforms, the general public can now access all the products available on the financial markets. It is possible to generate a return on investment with the objective of obtaining a simple additional income and/or diversifying its financial heritage.

What types of financial products to invest in?

Each financial product is characterized by a higher or lower level of risk with associated profitability over a fixed period. You can thus choose to invest on the medium or long term or to speculate on the short term.

There are many financial products traded on the stock exchange, the best known to the public being stocks and bonds, but there are a multitude of other financial products such as currencies, collective products, derivatives, commodities (gold, metals ...) and indices.

It is important to note that the higher the return on the investment, the higher the risk will be. Choosing a financial product therefore requires a good understanding of it. Your choices then depend on your profile, your knowledge of the market and the risk you are willing to take because the practice of trading on the stock market involves a certain financial risk. If it is possible to get a positive ROI, the opposite is also possible and you can lose money as well.

If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you start trading with a demo account and / or take some online training before you jump in to fully understand how financial products work.

What are the fees associated with a trading account?

Each trading platform applies brokerage fees and / or custody fees. These prices vary from platform to platform, depending on the type of financial product and the market in which you have invested. It is difficult to establish a fixed list of costs as there are so many products. In any case, the costs operated by online platforms are lower than traditional market players. Always refer to each platform to see the costs associated with the chosen financial instrument.  

How to open an online trading account?

It is relatively quick to open an account, everything happens online. You will of course have to complete an account opening request form and provide the following information: the type of account you want, your title, your personal data (Name, first name, address, date of birth), your contact details (telephone and email), your professional situation, your financial situation and your knowledge as well as your experience of the financial markets.

Your request to open an account must be accompanied by supporting documents which are generally the same regardless of the service provider: copy of your passport or identity card, a recent invoice (proof of address less than 3 to 6 months old depending on the platforms) gas, water, electricity or landline telephone and a bank identity statement.

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