How we Operate


As used herein, capitalized terms have the meaning set forth below:

  • “Website” means the website located at
  • “Publisher” means Optima Media S.L.
  • “Offer” means a service or product offered by a Offeror or its commercial representative.
  • “Offeror” means a third party whose Offer(s) is/are presented on the Website pursuant to an agreement with the Publisher.
  • “Service” means the comparison of various Offers made available through the Website.
  • “User” means an end-user of the Service.

1 – How does the Service work?

The Website provides comparisons of various Offers in a given market and acts as a conduit directing Users to Offerors of such Offers. The Offers are fulfilled directly by the Offerors: When a User purchases an Offer, it is dealing directly with such Offer’s Offeror, not with the Publisher.

2 – How are rankings and ratings determined?

The Offers are ranked and sometimes accompanied by a rating. Rankings and ratings are determined by the Publisher based on the various Offers’ popularity, the benefits they provide to the consumer, and the incentives offered to the Publisher by each Offeror.

3 - What is the nature of the relationship between the Website and the Offerors?

Each Offeror enters into a contract with the Publisher in order to have its Offer(s) featured on the Website. Such contract includes some form of financial compensation to the Publisher.

The Offerors are separate entities independent from the Publisher.

4 – What is the Publisher’s compensation based on?

The Publisher’s financial compensation from the Offerors may be triggered by the following actions:

  • When a User clicks on an Offer;
  • When a User purchases an Offer through a link on the Website; or
  • When a User contacts the Offeror using the phone number available on the Offeror's Offer as displayed on the Website.

The Publisher’s compensation may be in the form of a fixed fee or a percentage of the value of the Offer. In each case, use of the Website is free of charge to the User.

5 – Is the pricing presented on the Website all-inclusive?

The pricing presented on the Website represents the basic cost of the Offer. Incidental costs or additional fees may be included by the Offeror at the point of purchase, based on the options selected by the User or other factors. It is the Offeror’s sole responsibility to provide clear and accurate pricing to Users.

6 – Are each Offer’s features identical or comparable to those of other Offers in the same category?

The Website aims to compare equivalent or at least similar Offers. However, the specifics of each Offer may vary from one Offeror to another and may be freely modified at any time by Offerors. As each Offer is unique, a User should always consult the Offeror's website or contact the Offeror directly to understand the specifics of the Offer.

7 – Do Offers in a category represent the entirety of the market for that category?

The Website displays exclusively Offers from Offerors that have elected to be featured on the Website. Thus, the Offers displayed on the Website are not exhaustive and do not represent all market offerings in a given category.

8 – What is the frequency and the method used for updating Offers on the Website?

Offers are updated within two business days from receipt of notice from Offerors of any modification (e.g. price changes, special offers of a limited duration, changes of general conditions, eligibility or specific conditions).

The Publisher strives to confirm the accuracy of the Offers on a regular basis and to update the Website accordingly. However, a lag is always possible between the modification of an Offeror’s offering and the update of the corresponding Offer on the Website. Further, the Publisher is dependent on the accuracy of the information made available to it by Offerors.

Last updated: June 2020