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Last updated May 2024
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Choosing a Home Security System

Safeguarding your home, family and possessions from life's hazards can be an almost insurmountable task but your job could be made much easier if you invest in a reliable home security system. There is an extensive choice of affordable systems available that offer various levels of security and a range of beneficial capabilities. Some are easy to integrate into your household's existing mechanisms through Smart technology and even provide additional protection for your family. Whether you need a straightforward system to simply deter intruders or a customized version to suit your family's individual requirements, consider the main points before making an investment.

Benefits of a Home Security System

A prime reason for purchasing a home security system is to protect your home and valuables from intruders and thieves. Homes with security systems are estimated to be up to 33% safer from burglars and if your neighbors install similar packages the crime rate in your neighborhood could be significantly reduced. Sensors that provide early warning of carbon monoxide or fire alarm activation can enable you to secure help for your home and avoid harm to your loved ones or damage to irreplaceable family heirlooms. Smart solutions provide remote flexibility to control household appliances and help you supervise your children or pets while you are at work. Remote capability can enable you to unlock or secure your front door for family members even when you're miles away. Controlling your home's lights while you are on vacation can prevent burglaries by making your house appear to be occupied. Any investment you make installing a home security system should be recouped by a reduction of up to 20% on your homeowner's insurance. Integrated Smart efficiency can help to reduce heating bills through thermostat control.

Security System Features

Even if you're keeping to a strict budget, there are many affordable security systems that will secure your home and your peace of mind. These usually include self-installation packages with multiple sensors for windows and doors that activate an alarm if an intruder breaks in. A feature to look out for is a smash-proof unit that still transmits an alarm even if it is damaged beyond repair. Inexpensive camera surveillance can include a doorbell with an integral wide-angle lens for a clear view of any callers. Indoor cameras frequently have advanced motion or heat sensors that can detect an intruder's movements. A useful feature is a pet-friendly sensor that avoids the alarm being accidentally activated by your pet's activity or body heat. Outdoor cameras with a range of up to forty feet usually offer detailed images with excellent clarity even at night. Many cameras operate through Bluetooth and include encrypted storage to allow you to maintain your family's privacy. Multiple keypads offer versatile system control around the home while cellular services provide essential back-up during power failures.

Choosing the Right System for your Home

Basic packages make excellent starter packs that you can add to whenever you wish and can be purchased for as little as $69. They usually include two or three window and door sensors, a keypad, motion sensor and window decals. Pay up to $200 for a larger number of window sensors, additional glass breakage sensors and smoke detectors. Opting for a customizable package is ideal if you want to select particular items such as a garage door tilt sensor or a flood sensor that can detect the smallest leakage in your home. Individual items can often be purchased for less than $50 each. Automated packages can include Alexa voice control and Bluetooth connectivity. Remote capability can include opening and locking your front door with keyless access and operating electrical appliances. Many security packages operate through WiFi and are easy to install with no need for specialist tools or knowledge. If you are opting for a more complex security solution consider a professional installation which could add a further $50-$200.

Choosing a Monitored System

A self-monitored system relies on a sensor activating an alarm to warn of any danger or security breach. A monitored system offers enhanced security and peace of mind particularly when you are away from home. When protecting against burglary, it operates through an alert from an individual window or door sensor that has detected an intrusion and sends an alert to the monitoring center via your control panel. The monitoring center then notifies you and alerts the appropriate authorities once you have given your approval. A monitoring system also works in the same way for a variety of sensors including those for fire and flood. Professional monitoring systems that use superior triple redundant monitoring stations in every state are usually available through a subscription of approximately $20.00 per month.