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Last updated December 2023
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Choosing a Wine Lover's App

Wine is such an integral part of fine dining that it pays to become a little more informed about the topic and choosing an App can be the smartest way to learn. The status of wine has risen considerably in the States in recent years with professional, highly trained wine stewards known as sommeliers enjoying leading roles in the finest restaurants. With their outstanding knowledge they instantly know which wines and food pairings to recommend but if you want to learn more in the comfort of your own home then a suitable App can become a reliable instructor.

The Benefits of using a Wine App

There is so much information at your fingertips when you use an App. Most of them feature huge databases packed with a wealth of details. Wines, the types of grapes and even wine producers are all categorized. You can view labels, bottles and vineyards. You can learn about the great wine growing regions of different continents and how climate and the environment can affect the flavors of a Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon. Descriptions of how to identify the flavors in wine tastings can be helpful. Some Apps use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to study your preferences in order to make recommendations that you may appreciate. It's like having your own virtual sommelier on hand. Using an App allows you to track your favorite wines and chart your progress as you become more reliably informed. You can benefit from following the most prominent leaders of the wine industry including producers, critics and sommeliers. Wine appreciation has a social aspect and with millions of App users there is a ready made active community where you can share your thoughts with others who are learning about wine like yourself.

Learn about Different Wines

Wineries in the States frequently blend Pinot Noir and Sirah to achieve a more definitive color and flavor. Novices in wine tasting benefit from studying wines that haven't been blended. A wine App can quickly identify suitable varietal red wines such as Shiraz, Monastrell or Carménère that have clearly defined aromas and tastes. An App can even help locate inexpensive varieties which are ideal for an in-depth tasting. Some Apps offer an easy navigation that clearly state the type of flavors such as black pepper or cloves you should be searching for and provide tips on how to successfully swirl your wine in its glass to encourage the aromas to expand. If you find you enjoy a Petite Sirah that's high in tannins your App can recommend similar varieties such as Tempranillo or Nebbiolo. Apps also categorize wine with high alcohol levels such as a Zinfandel from California which is noted for its flavors of chocolate, raspberry and cinnamon.

Wine Pairings with Food

One of the major benefits of using an App is that it provides you with instant recommendations of which wines to pair with specific foods. When preparing dinner you no longer have to guess whether white is best with chicken or red with beef. Using the detailed information in an App helps you to understand the basics such as how wine should always taste sweeter than your meal while being more acidic. There are also helpful tips such as matching your meal's sauce to wine rather than the meat. For dishes that are high in fat an App can recommend sharp, acidic red wines. Pairing food and wine is all about learning to identify basic tastes such as acidic, sweet, spicy, fat and salty. Wine falls into basic categories with acidic white and bitter red. An ideal complementary pairing could include an acidic white Sauvignon Blanc with a macaroni cheese that's high in fat. An alternative congruent pairing would present the same macaroni cheese with a creamy Chardonnay to intensify the creaminess of the dish.

Discover New Wines

As you begin to understand the depth and variety of wines your App can guide you through the extensive wine lists to help you discover new tastes. It's especially useful when contemplating whether to purchase an expensive Barolo or Priorat. By tracking the data of your personal preferences your App can identify less well-known wines that can match your individual taste. Alternatives to a mainstream Pinot Noir can be a Frappato or Beaujolais. If you are keen to discover alternatives to a Sauvignon Blanc you can use your App to find wines such as Grechetto, Verdichio or Chasselas. If you're something of an expert in wine tasting, an App can be of assistance in broadening your knowledge to discover less well-known varieties. For beginners, it can be a valuable tool in learning the basics of wine tasting as if you have your own personal sommelier.