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Last updated June 2024
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Finding a Background Check Service that Works for You

A background check is an investigation into the history of an individual or company. It involves looking up certain details for a specific purpose. A potential employer, for instance, can carry out a background check on a candidate to ensure they are suitable for hire. Background checks allow verification that particular people are who they say they are. They are common among employers and property owners, but almost anyone can conduct a background check with the right resources. Background checks help you make informed decisions. Some of the details that a background screening covers include financial and criminal records and education history.

Hiring Background Screening Services

When you are renting, recruiting or getting into business with another entity, you must fulfill your due diligence. You should know who you are associating with before making a commitment. In the age of social media and search engines, finding basic information about a person is uncomplicated. You can go on Google and search for an individual or company in seconds. Depending on the digital footprint of the subject, you can find a decent amount of data through search engines, including full names, address and education history.

However, such information might not be sufficient, which is where background check services come in. You can hire a professional service to handle background screening to ensure that you acquire the necessary information. An experienced expert will know which tools and techniques to employ to source the information you want. Note that you have to get written consent from the subject to conduct a background check, according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Companies must be cautious about how they use the information they gather from background checks. Avoid the mistake of discriminating candidates based on the details of an investigation such as sexual orientation, age and race. Employers have a right to ask questions to candidates and applicants, but that information should be used correctly. Find out the federal and state laws that govern the use of background information because some regions have restrictions.

What is Included in a Background Check?

Background screening ranges on a broad spectrum. Why you need the investigation will determine how much information you want. For example, if a tenant is renewing a contract, then you might only require basic financial information. A position with a defense contractor will demand something extensive. An employment background check includes work history, education, social media use, drug testing, criminal record and credit history. Once you have a basic report, you can decide if you want more. If you notice discrepancies with the details that a subject provided or encounter red flags, you can dig deep.

In case a criminal background check brings up something, you can request a comprehensive report about convictions, type of crime and everything related to that history. Note that some states don't allow employers to ask about arrest records. They also prohibit the use of arrest information to base employment decisions. Therefore, confirm the information that you are permitted to use in different scenarios. International background investigations are necessary if the subject lived or worked overseas. Background screening also looks at licenses and certification. Whether you are hiring a professional or checking out a potential investor, you need assurances that the subject of interest has the correct requirements.

Reasons for Conducting a Background Check?

A background check company is only beneficial to you if you receive the appropriate services at the right time. Background screening is crucial in certain situations. When planning to enter a commitment with a third party, whether professional, financial or personal, a background check can make all the difference. Employment is the most common reason to hire a background screening agency. Pre-employment investigations prevent employers from wasting money on ill-fitted candidates. A thorough background check can reduce a company's liability by hiring the right people. Employers can use background investigations to fire or promote employees. Promotions might mean that workers have more access to sensitive company data. Therefore, an employer should know that they can be trusted with the new responsibilities. Property owners can ask for background checks before renting so that they can decide if a prospective tenant is suitable.

What Makes a Good Background Check Service?

The integrity of a background check is only as good as the agency that conducts it. When you decide background screening is necessary, hire a company that has a solid reputation to back it up. If you intend to use background history to make critical decisions, then you have to trust the source of information. Check out the services that an agency provides to see if they satisfy your requirements. The solutions vary from full-service to DIY, so consider them wisely. Search for testimonials; don't take a company at its word. Second opinions can save you a lot of trouble. Ensure that an agency complies with the FCRA to avoid any legal issues. Lastly, find a background check service with good turnaround times.