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Last updated July 2024
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Choosing a Mobile Phone Plan

In this modern technologically-apt era, almost everyone owns a high-tech smartphone. Undoubtedly, this has contributed to the ease of how people run their businesses, residential homes, and even personal affairs. Today, individuals and companies can run multiple functions via phone, including sending emails, entertainment, and browsing websites. However, to leverage the use of your smartphone, you must have a mobile phone plan that suits your needs. Fortunately, the inception of multiple cellular phone providers has disrupted the wireless market, resulting in myriad choices of affordable and feature-packed mobile phone plans. Here is what you should know when choosing a mobile phone plan.

What to Look Out for in a Mobile Phone Plan

When choosing your cellular phone plan, there are numerous factors to consider. These considerations include;

  • Pricing Structure

Like any form of investment, considering the cost of a mobile phone plan is fundamental. Checking on the provider’s pricing structure should inform you of how much you will be paying for your plan regularly.

  • Contract Length

While most phone plan providers might come with very attractive deals for your phone usage, it is crucial to take a look at the length of their contract. Some providers offer plans under an agreement lasting for as long as two years. Leaving the contract earlier than required may see you incur hefty charges and penalties.

  • The Reputation of the Service Provider

You might want to procure a mobile phone plan from a reliable and highly reputable company. This means looking into the duration within which the provider has been on operation and reviews connected to the company. For example, if the phone plan provider has been in service for a decade, this might imply that the company has a great reputation.

  • Network Coverage

Checking the extent to which the provider’s network coverage goes is also crucial. Ensure that the network coverage of the plan you are about to buy is as wide-ranging as possible. This will see you save yourself from the hassle of always moving to places where you can find some signal.

Choosing the Best Mobile Phone Plan Provider

Phone plan providers are in stiff competition in their efforts to offer the best services at affordable rates to the available market. Here is a look into some of the best mobile phone plan providers.

1. Verizon

Verizon is one of the leading phone plan providers in the industry, receiving excellent ratings for performance, coverage, and speed. The company features a Beyond Unlimited Plan option that allows users to stream any HD content. If you are interested in international roaming as well, then Verizon is your ideal choice. The company is also known for its variety of mobile hotspot data bundles that run at 4G LTE speeds. Due to Verizon’s great features, you are likely to pay more than you see in other companies.

2. Sprint

Sprint features two plans, namely, the Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Kickstart plans. Each of these comes with unique features and at varying rates. The Unlimited Plus plan, for example, is ideal for families, providing users with HD streaming. The only challenge with this plan is that once you exceed the 50GB-mark, you will start experiencing slower connection speeds. The Unlimited Kickstart plan, on the other hand, comes with great coverage at a budget-friendly rate. This prepaid option comes with unlimited data that see you save up to 10 USD every month when compared with other providers.

3. T-Mobile

Like Sprint, T-Mobile features two phone plan options, including the Individual and Family plans. The Family plan, best known as the T-Mobile Magenta plan is a four-tiered option featuring unlimited data for as low as 160 USD every month. This plan has one of the best coverages and performance compared to other family plans in the market. The Individual plan, on the other hand, sells at 70 USD per month. The best thing with the T-Mobile plan is that it offers high speeds and performance that give value for your money.

4. Cricket

Being a subsidiary of AT&T, Cricket offers great network coverage and data options at a relatively lower rate. Cricket features a wide range of phone plans to its users, including unlimited and limited data options. You can choose to get the 2GB limited plan at 30 USD or the unlimited Cricket More plan costing at 60 USD in a month. Families can also enjoy Cricket’s unlimited four-line plan for as low as 100 USD per month. If you are looking for a phone plan with the cheapest rates yet great coverage and performance, then Cricket is the ideal choice.

In Summary

Having the best phone plan is the most effective way for users to maximise the use of their smartphones. Whether it is emailing, browsing, gaming, streaming in HD or running online projects, there is a phone plan suitable for everyone. Today, multiple phone plan companies are competing for your money, including Cricket, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon. To get the best phone plan provider, you should consider such factors as network coverage, contract length, cost, and company reputation.