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Last updated June 2024
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Following the evolution in the business world, most US businesses have shifted from their on-premise mode of operations to online-based business. An eCommerce site is the most important aspect of online businesses as it acts as a link between the customers and the business. Customers are arguably the most important asset in a business and as such, when establishing an online business, you should keep their needs in mind. 

Your eCommerce platform should not only be cost-effective to you but should also look into the needs of the customers. If you want your customers to stick around and still attract new ones, ensure that your site is outstanding in design, interactivity, functionality and ease of use. Choosing the right eCommerce site builder is the first step in creating a good online platform for your business. However, the market is flooded with many eCommerce site builders making it hard for businesses to choose the one that suits their needs. This guide contains a detailed look into eCommerce site builders.

What Is an Ecommerce Builder?

An eCommerce builder is a software that helps in creating an eCommerce site without hiring website developers. The builder allows you to set up and customize your product pages, add a shopping cart, update your payment methods and create customer service connections with ease. Whenever you think of taking your business online or improving an existing eCommerce site, an eCommerce builder is your best shot.

Things To Know Before Launching My Store

Now that you have decided to join the digital business world, what are the essential factors that you should consider before launching your store?

  • Site Monitoring¬†

Site monitoring majorly focuses on how to track your eCommerce site's traffic and conversions. Google Analytics is the best way to do this; it requires you to input a code into your site to set up the monitoring process. Additionally, it will be important to establish your sales goals and set up an eCommerce tracking system.

  • Newsletter

A newsletter is a useful marketing tool for your online store. For example, you can choose email marketing where you will frequently send emails to your subscribed customers, informing them of new products, discounts, coupons, and providing helpful information.

  • Get on To Social Media

If you want to run your online store successfully, then your social media presence should be felt. Many people are likely to know your products and services for the first time through social media. Therefore, you should establish social media profiles that are well customized with pictures and descriptions that will make your brand stand out. If possible, it is advisable to use the same username on your social media platforms.

  • Shipping Options

Before launching your store, you should focus on how your customers will get your products and at what cost. Your products may attract plenty of customers, but few may buy them if your shipping costs are too high. You may think of setting a flat rate shipping or even absorbing the shipping costs to help keep your customers on the path towards conversion.

  • Double-Check Your Site

Read through all the content to ensure that it is well written and check on the links to ensure that they are working. Go through your contact information to see whether it is correct and check on your site's design and layout.

Choosing an Ecommerce Site Builder

Getting an eCommerce site builder that meets both your needs and those of your customers is not easy. However, if you follow the criteria mentioned below, the process will be easier.

  • Set a Budget

As a business, you should go for a cost-effective plan. When setting out a budget for your eCommerce builder, you should account for domain registration, image and hosting, among other costs.

  • Know Your Requirements

You should be aware of what you expect to receive from the builder. For example, you should look for a builder in line with your level of experience in design. Additionally, you should look at the media options it offers, such as blogs, videos and photo galleries. Also, you should check on whether it is mobile-friendly or not.

  • Ease of Use

Though eCommerce site builders do not require you to code any information, it does not mean they are all easy to use. It is advisable to go for one with a drag and drop feature and an intuitive editor that makes it easy to make any changes in your site.

  • Themes

The themes offered by the builder are the basis that you will use to customize your site. Therefore you should go for a builder that offers a wide selection of themes to customize your site in line with your needs.

  • Company Reputation

Choose an eCommerce site builder from a company that has a good reputation. You can gauge by reading user reviews to see what they say about that particular company's services.

In summary

An eCommerce site builder is an ideal option for individuals and businesses who want to join the digital business world. It is essential in helping create an eCommerce platform that will keep your business going. The above-mentioned factors to consider before launching your store, if well considered, will have your business win over its competitors. Additionally, you can adopt the above criteria of choosing a builder to make the whole process easier. The future on eCommerce seems bright and businesses should make a move and focus on digitizing their operations.